Current Research

CDIC researchers use sophisticated data analysis to predict risk and improve chronic disease screening, detection and prevention and new tools for point of care testing so that large numbers of patients can be screened quickly and effectively.

Researchers are testing process improvements to increase efficiency and reduce costs while enhancing patient outcomes. Cost effectiveness studies are helping to inform decisions about how to deliver services, and evaluate medical devices and pharmaceutical treatments.

Other research is devoted to developing new tools for home monitoring of patients so that more people can be treated in their local communities without frequent visits to hospital.


Applying the Kidney Failure Risk Equation

The Kidney Failure Risk Equation Study by researcher Dr. Navdeep Tangri and his colleagues at CDIC has led to the development of a simple and reliable tool that is used with patients who have kidney disease to accurately predict which patients are at risk of kidney failure.


Exporting expertise

Seven Oaks Nephrologist Dr. Sean Armstrong has perfected a technique called bedside catheter insertion that can be done on short notice under local anesthetic instead of waiting for an Operating Room and surgeon.

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