Tapping big data to change the way healthcare is delivered.

Improving patient care by putting powerful prevention-focused research into action.

World-leading disease researchers in chronic disease, epidemiology, and health economics, based at Seven Oaks Hospital are receiving global recognition for their original and applied research.

Innovation means partnership and collaboration.
Meet our key academic, clinical and research partners.

CDIC research directly improves patient care and quality of life through the analysis of population health records and big data. This research also informs physician practice in the community, and supports better health policy and decision making by governments. In addition, the technologies developed at CDIC aid in the early identification and prevention of disease and disability.

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2018 Annual Report

Read our annual report to discover how our research is improving healthcare delivery.

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Patient Stories

Thanks to the fresh thinking and use of modern technology at CDIC, many patients are seeing the direct benefits of our research. From in-home dialysis to mobile kidney disease screening, our work is improving the lives of patients.

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Meet Our Researchers

The CDIC is led by four principal investigators who are Nephrologists (Kidney specialists) working for the Manitoba Renal Program at Seven Oaks General Hospital, along with a Clinical Research Associate specializing in nutritional clinical trials. They work with a multidisciplinary team of research staff, along with healthcare providers, who act as catalysts to the research being conducted at the CDIC.

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Seven Oaks Hospital Chronic Disease Innovation Centre is embedded in a unique community and specialty hospital with a remarkable emphasis on treatment, management, and prevention of chronic disease. This ideal location allows research to be applied directly to improve care within the hospital and demonstrates the way to change healthcare delivery globally.

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