Bedside catheter insertion is a technique that’s been perfected by Dr. Sean Armstrong, a nephrologist at Seven Oaks General Hospital, as an alternative to conventional peritoneal dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis is the preferred form of dialysis for some patients with kidney failure, and requires waiting for an operating room and surgeon.

In contrast, bedside catheter insertion can be done on short notice under local anesthetic. This enables patients to perform peritoneal dialysis for themselves at home, and avoid becoming dependent on in-centre dialysis. Dr. Armstrong has also used the same technique for cirrhosis and cancer patients so that they, too, can regularly relieve excess fluid from their own abdomen at home.

The refinement of this technique has given patients with chronic kidney disease (and others who require regular catheter insertions for treatment) a more convenient and independent way to access necessary treatments at home, rather than rely on hospitals or clinics.