Responding to a growing need

Healthcare systems are under increasing pressure to cope with shifting demographics, increasing incidence of chronic disease, and rising health care costs. We are working to find new cost effective, prevention-focused solutions that promote wellness and improve quality of care and quality of life.

Innovation requires vision, leadership and the willingness to embrace new ideas

Over 20 years ago Seven Oaks General Hospital created the Wellness Institute to reduce the risk of, and to help patients manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart, lung and kidney disease with diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle change.

Since then, Seven Oaks has become Western Canada’s largest kidney health centre, an effective provider of Emergency medical services to the capital region, and an innovator in connecting acute care with community care including two family medicine clinics on site.

Seven Oaks’ drive to change the way healthcare is delivered has led to innovation in Emergency Department flow and services, a focus on preventing kidney failure and treatment of more kidney patients in their own homes, as well as innovation on research to identify and treat chronic disease sooner, to prevent hospitalization.

Highlighted Research

Applying the Kidney Failure Risk Equation

The Kidney Failure Risk Equation Study by researcher Dr. Navdeep Tangri and his colleagues at CDIC has led to the development of a simple and reliable tool that is used with patients who have kidney disease to accurately predict which patients are at risk of kidney failure.

Exporting expertise

Seven Oaks Nephrologist Dr. Sean Armstrong has perfected a technique called bedside catheter insertion that can be done on short notice under local anesthetic instead of waiting for an Operating Room and surgeon.

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