Collaboration and growing intellectual capital

CDIC is an incubator for local, provincial and international collaboration. This is illustrated well by Dr. Tangri’s latest study with the Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium based at Johns Hopkins University. The Consortium selects promising studies for researchers in several countries. Locally, CDIC works with Manitoba universities, and has projects underway with Manitoba businesses.

The path to commercialization and global impact

CDIC provides research services to industry at every stage of the research and development process for pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, services and technology including:

  • Designing and organizing research studies
  • Proof of concept research
  • Retrospective data analysis and risk prediction
  • Clinical trials with patients
  • Publication and knowledge transfer
  • Post-marketing real-world effectiveness studies

CDIC is exporting its expertise and is already contributing to the local and provincial economy.
Industry customers benefit from the CDIC’s preferred access to the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy’s Population Health Research Data Repository – a rich, clean and comprehensive collection of administrative, registry, survey, utilization (hospital, clinic, prescriptions, etc.) and population data for Manitobans.

Businesses are drawn to CDIC because of the practical results of its patient-focused research, which reduces risk and helps prevent chronic disease.

The CDIC will create new paths for collaboration and innovation within the hospital, at Wellness Institute, with family doctors working at the hospital and with medical residents training at Seven Oaks. In addition, the Centre will continue to unite experts from healthcare, research, academic, medical device and business sectors.

Improving healthcare across the country

Currently CDIC researchers are collaborating on a multi-year Pan-Canadian research effort called Can-SOLVE CKD which is aimed at improving kidney care nationally. CDIC researchers are leading the mass screening efforts for Can-Solve which will be conducted in remote northern communities similar to the previous screening effort CDIC researchers led in Northern Manitoba.

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Join Our Team

Our core group of physician researchers is attracting university collaborators from across Canada. Medical students (undergraduate to post-graduate) are working for CDIC principal investigators, and through mentorship will become the principal investigators of the future. Students participate directly in public health, economic and data analysis studies, while learning and contributing to the process.

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