June 02, 2017

The Next Generation of Clinician Researchers

CDIC’s newest Graduate Researcher is an Emergency Department physician from Colombia who is working towards a medical license in Canada.

Silvia Leon is currently enrolled in the McMaster University Clinical Epidemiology Program (online) and will start her Masters of Community Health Sciences with University of Manitoba in September. She has previously worked as a Research Assistant in spinal cord research at McGill University in Montreal, and has volunteered in Research in the Epidemiology Department at Cancer Care Manitoba and in Interventional Cardiology Research at St. Boniface Hospital.

Over the summer she will work as a Research Coordinator on two CDIC studies that hope to demonstrate the clinical use of wearable technology and eventually develop a virtual ward for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Patients are being enrolled now for the trials in collaboration with the developer of a home platform for patient monitoring.

Silvia is enthusiastic about the opportunity to work at CDIC because of the large and varied patient population served by Seven Oaks Hospital and the opportunity to answer questions that arise in clinical practice.

She hopes to maximize the opportunity that presents so that she can “choose a research topic that will bring something to the community in the hospital here.”

Over the long term she hopes to continue to focus on medical research but also return to clinical practice as a physician.

“You can see face to face the problems your patients are having, and the problems you are having as a physician and you can take these problems into your research work and try to find solutions,” she said.

Silvia joins current Graduate Researcher Ranveer Brar who has just completed his first year and all of his course work in the same program, which takes approximately 2 ½ years.  Ranveer will be selecting his thesis topic soon.

Meanwhile Reid Whitlock, who has been with CDIC for over two years, is preparing to challenge his final thesis for the Masters of Community Health Sciences at University of Manitoba. His thesis topic is a retrospective data analysis looking at data for all patients with type 2 diabetes in Manitoba from 2006 to 2015. His study has compared the effectiveness and outcomes for diabetes and kidney patients with diabetes using common diabetes medications to control blood sugars.

A new group of students will also be joining CDIC over the summer.

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