Supporting healthcare providers

CDIC has established links with family physicians and will increasingly become a resource by providing risk prediction tools and hosting Continuing Medical Education seminars on chronic disease for physicians and other healthcare providers.

Risk Prediction

When doctors can quickly and inexpensively screen their patients using routine labs tests, they can identify individuals who are most at risk. They can use this information to ensure access to the specialists they need, or advise them on lifestyle changes to reduce risk illness or even prevent it altogether. In turn, specialist wait times are reduced, and patients most in need of access receive it sooner, while others are referred to the caregiver best suited to meet their needs. Resulting from better optimization and prioritization, the efficiency of the entire health system is improved.

Early Detection

Although most of us don’t realize it, each of us produces vast amounts of medical data each year by interacting with the healthcare system. There are patterns locked away in the growing sea of digital information that when discovered, can provide pathways to ground-breaking health solutions. CDIC researchers are tapping into this data in ways that have never been done before.

Cost Effective Decision Making

CDIC is a regional leader in cost effectiveness studies for healthcare. Using econometric models and data analysis researchers can compare treatment modalities (drugs, processes, devices) with outcomes and costs. This can help government and healthcare businesses to make better, more cost effective decisions for the best outcomes.

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